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Save for a Rainy Day with LAYAWAY

Save for a Rainy Day with LAYAWAY

OTT 4 Me bridges the gap between the cash customer and the digital economy with the use of the OTT digital cash voucher. 

These vouchers are widely available across South Africa from more than 150,000 participating retail stores. You can ask for OTT Voucher by name from well-known brands like Game, Makro and Boxer, as well as from your local spaza, tuck shop or convenience store. 

OTT Voucher allows cash customers to make deposits into any online account from partnering merchants, one of which is LAYAWAY. 

Through this partnership, you can secure online lay buys for a wide range of products, and pay off your order using an OTT Voucher. But did you know that you can also save towards your favourite products on the LAYAWAY platform?

In this article, we show you how to save for a rainy day with OTT Voucher and LAYAWAY and make 2023 your best year yet. 


Save for all of your favourite products on the LAYAWAY platform

LAYAWAY is a new way to secure lay buys online, giving you the chance to plan ahead, save on your terms and build a financial profile. This type of financial planning was typically only possible for those with a bank account and a credit score – but this is now available to cash customers using OTT Voucher. 


How to save on LAYAWAY

When you open an account on the LAYAWAY platform, you can immediately set up your own savings pocket. There is no application required, and anyone can open an account. 

The LAYAWAY savings pocket is easily buildable, and you can add any amount to it, at any time, using OTT Voucher. The LAYAWAY pocket can also be added to by friends and family, allowing everybody to save towards that big splurge or exciting family trip you’ve been dreaming of. 


Why should I use the LAYAWAY pocket?

The LAYAWAY pocket is a great way to start the new year on a solid financial footing. January is often considered the longest month, especially after all the holiday spending, and it can be hard to budget for your favourite goods or the next big family event. 

When you open a LAYAWAY pocket, you can create a savings goal that suits your unique needs, and you can use it whenever you want. Also, with a LAYAWAY account, you’ll get the best possible deal on any of your purchases. 

By working towards your saving goals now, you can put away an amount every month and use it later in the year when you will need it most. 

Hoping to visit your grandmother on her birthday later this year? Why not spoil her with a new kitchen appliance, couch or  cell phone? 

Did you get the exciting news that there’s a baby on the way? Now you can start planning for all the beautiful baby clothes you could dream of. 

Do you need a new laptop or computer for your growing new start-up? Set aside money now and invest in your business when the time is ready.

The LAYAWAY platform has a fantastic variety of products, and your order is delivered straight to your door. 


Start saving now with OTT Voucher

Building a strong financial profile is typically an opportunity that is reserved for bank account owners with a regular income. Now you can also better your financial standing using cash and OTT4Me. You don’t need a bank account, and you don’t need a high minimum balance to access all the goods and services you want most. 

Using an OTT Voucher, you can make regular deposits into your LAYAWAY Pocket at any amount that suits you. Did you work an extra shift, were you gifted some cash, or are you up for a raise? Wherever your cash is coming from, you can now safely deposit it into your LAYWAY Pocket using an OTT Voucher, and reward yourself with a great new purchase. 


How to deposit into your LAYAWAY Pocket with OTT Voucher

You can easily add funds to your LAYAWAY Pocket using OTT Voucher, just take the following steps:

  1. Log into your LAYAWAY account, or create a LAYAWAY Pocket if you haven’t done so already
  2. Go to your dashboard
  3. On the sidebar menu, click on “My Balance”
  4. Click or tap on the “Recharge” button which you will find at the top of your browser 
  5. Choose the option to make your deposit with OTT Voucher, and enter the unique OTT Voucher PIN
  6. Next, click on “Recharge My Balance”
  7. Your LAYAWAY account will be automatically recharged with the voucher amount you used


How does OTT Voucher work?

OTT is a digital cash voucher that you can use to access a variety of goods and services online, even if you don’t have a bank account. 

You can buy an OTT Voucher from your neighbourhood spaza, tuckshop, or big-name brands like Makro, Spar, Pick n Pay, or Caltex. When you buy an OTT Voucher with cash, you will be given a till slip with a unique 12-digit voucher PIN, similar to airtime. 

Using this PIN you can top up your LAYAWAY Pocket and start saving right away. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a LAYAWAY Pocket?

With the LAYAWAY Pocket, you can start saving now towards all the online shopping you want. You can deposit any amount towards your savings goal, and when you’re ready, you can browse hundreds of products from clothing to technology and even school supplies. 

Can I fund my LAYAWAY Pocket with cash?

Yes, you can! Even though LAYAWAY is an online platform, you can make cash deposits into your Pocket using OTT Voucher. All you need to do is buy an OTT Voucher with cash, and using the unique 12-digit voucher PIN, deposit into your savings pocket on the LAYAWAY platform.

Does LAYAWAY deliver?

Yes, once you have paid your LAYAWAY order in full, it will be delivered directly to your door at whichever address you choose. 


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