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Your Cash Solution

We connect cash to the digital economy.

The Cash Solution

We connect cash to the digital economy.

Cash Is Still King!

OTT 4 Me is a digital payments ecosystem with solutions that safely digitise your cash wherever you are, whenever you want, at no cost to you.

Transact without a card, send and collect your money, or get paid online and then withdraw using the quick-and-easy cash solutions we designed for your financial empowerment. Now you can control your hard-earned money on your terms!

Your OTT 4 Me Solutions

OTT Voucher

Your new way to pay online–with cash

Save more, pay less, and conveniently connect to the digital economy. Buy an OTT Voucher that works just like an airtime voucher to securely pay and top up online. OTT Voucher is available from over 200,000 locations across the country.

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Plus thousands of other Spaza stores, tuck shops, taverns, and local spots close to home and work in your community.

OTT Collect

Your new way to collect cash instantly

Easily redeem your cash voucher PIN and collect your money close to home through our trusted OTT 4 Me network. Secure the bag wherever you buy your OTT Voucher–or help your friends and family collect their money quicker! You can choose your closest Spaza store or your favourite shop in your neighbourhood. Save both time and money!

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Your new way to get paid

Our instant payout platform makes getting paid as easy as 1-2-3. Conveniently redeem your PIN to withdraw your winnings at the location you prefer close to where you are. Plus, you can choose between getting paid in airtime, OTT Vouchers, or other financial products. No more waiting in ATM queues or wasting money travelling!

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It's time to #UseYourCashOnline

OTT Voucher is a cardless digital cash voucher you can use to pay, play, shop, save, lay buy, invest, insure, call, recharge, and top up your accounts online with cash through our growing list of partners anywhere, anytime.

OTT Voucher empowers you to


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What is OTT Voucher?

OTT Voucher looks like an airtime voucher but works like a bank card, empowering you to safely transact online using your cash. You are guaranteed access to the digital economy anywhere and at any time on your terms! A whole new world full of opportunities that will help you improve your life and finances awaits online. Unlock your best life now!

Why should I use OTT Voucher?

Whether you like cash payments, prefer to withdraw your wages or salary from your bank account, or just don’t have convenient access to traditional and digital banking facilities, we’re here to support your financial freedom.
We have created easy access to the simplicity and savings of the digital economy for customers who prefer cash by being right where you are. There are no hidden fees, and we don’t charge you for anything. You will always get to use the total value of the Voucher you buy!

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second chance winners

Two Chances. One OTT Voucher.

Stand to win every time you transact!

Make your money do more with OTT Voucher—whenever you use your cash online, you get rewarded with exclusive instant access to Second Chance rewards!

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What is Second Chance?

Second Chance is OTT 4 Me’s rewards programme and guarantees you exclusive instant access to our always-on competitions! Cash in every time you spend and stand to win vouchers, merchandise and gear, technology and electronics, and other unbelievable prizes every week and every month!


Upgrade your finances with OTT Voucher

OTT Voucher is for the financially savvy who know the benefits of cash transactions but also know that the internet and digital economy are full of new solutions, discounts, savings, opportunities, and countless other benefits. You don’t have to choose between the cash world and the digital economy anymore. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with OTT 4 Me!

Where to buy OTT Voucher

Our Providers

OTT Voucher is available where you are at over 200,000 locations that sell airtime across South Africa. Whether you’re taking a break at work, heading home, or walking around the mall or to the closest Spaza, here are just a few places you can get your OTT Voucher.

How to buy OTT Voucher

Purchasing an OTT Voucher is a breeze—ask for it in-store, get it online, or buy one on your mobile banking app. It’s easy to use, and there are no hidden charges, costs, or fees. You’ll always receive the full amount of the digital cash voucher you purchased.

Step 1

Visit one of our 200,000 approved partners, from major retail stores and petrol stations to your local Spaza store or tuck shop.

Step 2

Ask for an OTT Voucher by name. You can buy an OTT Voucher for whatever value or any amount you want to use online. The choice is yours!

Step 3

Collect the slip and redeem your OTT Voucher into your account using the PIN code. Now you control the power of the digital economy in your pocket!

Get your OTT Voucher Online!

Even if you have a bank account and already transact online, OTT is secure and convenient and adds the layer of anonymity that only cash transactions can provide to guarantee your virtual safety, data, and privacy.

You don’t need to enter your personal information or card details on every website you use–keep your private life private and use your cash to make your online payments and purchases.

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Where to use OTT Voucher

Our Partners

Take advantage of unlimited access with your digital cash voucher and transact online without a card. Pay, play, shop, save, lay buy, invest, insure, recharge, call, and top your accounts using OTT Voucher. Some places where you can use your OTT Voucher include



Use your OTT Voucher to lay buy online and buy better with LAYAWAY. Create a pocket to save for the things you need and want most and get flexible payment terms with no paperwork!


Use your OTT Voucher to access award-winning online education content on the iWhiz app. Empower your child to succeed at school with flexible and engaging learning videos, tests, and more that they can revise at their own pace.

Pay bills
Make calls
Use your digital ZAR with
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Insure your business with
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Get medical
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How to use OTT Voucher

Purchasing an OTT Voucher is a breeze—ask for it in-store, get it online, or buy one on your mobile banking app. It’s easy to use, and there are no hidden charges, costs, or fees. You’ll always receive the full amount of the digital cash voucher you purchased.

Step 1: Pick OTT Voucher as your payment method

Navigate to the balance section of the platform you’re using and select OTT Voucher as your preferred payment method.

Step 2: Enter your PIN

Type in the 12-digit PIN code, and tap redeem. That’s it! Your account is topped, and you’re ready to #UseYourCashOnline.

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