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How to Buy an OTT Voucher at Puma Petrol

How to Buy an OTT Voucher at Puma Petrol

OTT 4 Me provides a digital payment voucher that is already popular with more than 2 million South Africans. OTT Voucher allows you to take your cash online and buy various goods and services through OTT partnering merchants. With OTT 4 Me you can purchase lay buys, invest, enter fantastic competitions, and access the world of online betting.  

If you don’t use online banking or prefer to do most of your business with cash, OTT Voucher is the perfect solution for you. 

OTT Voucher is available from 150,000 stores across South Africa, and now you can also buy an OTT Voucher from Puma Petrol. 

How to use OTT Voucher

OTT Voucher can be used to fund several online accounts through their network of partner merchants. Here are some great ways to use an OTT Voucher (plus, we’ll teach you how you can re-use your OTT Voucher slip and win!):

Secure lay buys online

On the LAYAWAY platform, you can use an OTT Voucher to secure lay buys online in a budget-friendly way. A wide range of goods are available through LAYAWAY, including gifts, technology, clothing, school supplies, and more.

You can continue to pay off your lay buy order using an OTT Voucher.Once your order has been paid in full it will be delivered directly to your door. 

Millions of South Africans can now access the world of online shopping on the LAYAWAY platform, without the need for traditional or even online banking thanks to OTT digital cash voucher.

You just need to buy an OTT Voucher from one of the major OTT resellers, sign in to your LAYAWAY account, and deposit your lay-buy payment using the special 12-digit voucher PIN.

You can budget for your favourite products easily with LAYAWAY and OTT Voucher since you can deposit any amount that suits you. The best part is that there are no cancellation fees and no interest charges on any of your instalments. 

Invest in your future

OTT Voucher can now be used to invest in your financial future. The investment industry used to be restricted to those with sizable bank balances, but that is no longer the case thanks to OTT 4 Me and EASYinvest.

OTT Voucher allows millions of South Africans to invest in some of the most well-known and rapidly expanding businesses on the EASYinvest platform. 

A unit trust formed in collaboration with Momentum is accessible through EASYInvest, giving you and thousands of other investors access to some of the highest-rated stocks on the market.

To invest in your future, all you need is cash, OTT Voucher and an EASiInvest account; a bank account is not required.

Bet on your favourite sports online

Bettors can access the world of online sports betting with OTT Voucher. Various well-known online sportsbooks and betting sites accept OTT Voucher as a valid means of deposit. 

When you deposit using OTT Voucher, your transaction remains completely anonymous, ensuring total privacy throughout the betting experience. 

Top up your Talk360 account

Talk360 and OTT Voucher have teamed up to make it possible for users of the app to top up their accounts with cash. Talk360 is an easy-to-use platform that provides low-cost phone calls, making it easier for customers to communicate with their friends and family members wherever they are in the globe.

Win great prizes on the Second Chance platform

The Second Chance platform is a great way to get more out of your money with OTT. Here’ss how:

On the Second Chance platform you can enter to win prizes and free vouchers in a variety of contests and promotions. To enter, just visit the Second Chance platform, choose your preferred competition, and input your pre-used voucher PIN.

You can join the thousands of lucky OTT customers who win great prizes each week on the Second Chance platform. 

How to buy OTT Voucher at Puma Petrol: a step-by-step guide

It’s easy to buy an OTT Voucher at  t any Puma Petrol station across South Africa. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your nearest Puma Petrol
  2. Ask the cashier for OTT Voucher 
  3. Pay for your OTT Voucher with your desired cash amount. 
  4. You will be given a till slip with a unique 12-digit PIN, which you can use to make deposits or top up your online accounts – it’s that easy!


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