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How to Top Up Your SpotOnBets Account with OTT Voucher


When using an OTT Voucher, funding your online betting account is quick, easy, and safe. For the millions of South Africans who would rather use cash or who don’t have a bank account, OTT 4 Me is a fantastic option for accessing online betting.

A cash deposit into your online betting account is as simple as purchasing an OTT Voucher and using it to fund your account.

Many people who bet online prefer privacy and security, and the OTT 4 Me digital cash voucher makes this possible.

In this article, we’ll examine OTT 4 Me in greater detail and demonstrate how to add funds to your SpotOnBets account with cash and an OTT Voucher. 


How OTT Voucher works

With OTT Voucher you can make safe online deposits with your hard-earned cash.

Thanks to OTT 4 Me, you’re free to access the online economy in a safe and budget-friendly way. Many people in South Africa prefer cash over credit cards, hence online betting has exploded in popularity among this demographic.

You can buy OTT Vouchers in-store, on the web, or with a mobile banking app. The voucher can be used quickly and easily, and it won’t cost you anything extra. When you buy a digital cash voucher, the entire value of your cash purchase will be transferred to the voucher with no additional fees.

OTT Voucher’s 12-digit PIN can be used to fund an online betting account. The funds from an OTT Voucher deposit will be available in your account instantly.

For those in South Africa who prefer paying with cash, OTT Voucher is a secure and hassle-free option.

In addition to funding your SpotOnBets or other online betting accounts, OTT Vouchers can be used to make and receive payments, secure lay buys, and invest in the digital economy through the OTT partnerships with LAYAWAY and EASYInvest.


Use OTT Voucher and win on the Second Chance platform

Thanks to the Second Chance rewards programme, you’ll have early and exclusive access to all of OTT 4 Me’s current giveaways. There are weekly and monthly drawings with prizes ranging from gift cards and merchandise to gear and gadgets, and the more you spend, the better your odds of winning.

Enter the PIN from your redeemed OTT Voucher to be entered into monthly contests, lucky draws, and competitions for vouchers, cash, airtime, data, electronics, OTT 4 Me products, and more.


What is SpotOnBets?

SpotOnBets is one of the newest online betting brands in South Africa. SpotOnBets launched in December 2020 powered by SBTech. 

SpotOnBets is a simple and convenient mobile betting app for sports fans and other punters across the country. SpotOnBets is offering new customers who sign up for an account today up to R3,000 in bonus funds when they make their initial deposit.


The SpotOnBets experience

SpotOnBets provides wagers on popular sports including golf, handball, MMA, snooker, pool and more. Overall, SpotOnBets features a wide variety of options that should satisfy most punters. 

The odds at SpotOnBets are very competitive. 

Rather than the more typical R1, the minimum bet here is R2. While the minimum stake is higher, the maximum payoff is a whopping R1,000,000, so it’s well worth it.


How to buy an OTT Voucher

OTT Vouchers can be purchased at more than 150,000 locations around South Africa. Retailers such as spazas, tuckshops, and convenience stores are OTT4Me’s partners. A few well-known brands that sell OTT Vouchers are:

  • Game
  • Makro
  • Sasol Garages
  • Caltex Garages

Simply visit any participating retailer, ask for an OTT Voucher, and make your purchase. To deposit funds into your SpotOnBets account, enter the 12-digit PIN on your slip and your deposit will reflect in your betting account. 

But remember to keep your used voucher! After you’ve topped up your SpotOnBets account, visit the Second Chance platform and enter your used voucher PIN into the promotions or competitions you prefer. 


Purchasing OTT Voucher online

You can buy an OTT Voucher online through the official OTT 4 Me website. When you buy OTT online and make a deposit into your SpotOnBets account, your entire financial transaction remains anonymous. This process ensures maximal privacy for all online bettors who use OTT Voucher. 

Here’s how to buy an OTT Voucher online:

  1. Visit the official OTT4Me website
  2. Go to the “Buy” section of the website
  3. Select the voucher amount you wish to buy. You can choose from pre-set amounts or enter any amount you prefer.
  4. You will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you can choose between Ozow and CallPay
  5. Then, find your bank from the list of options
  6. Confirm the purchase with an OTP from your bank
  7. Your unique OTT Voucher PIN will be sent to you directly via SMS or email

How to top up your SpotOnBets account with OTT Voucher

To begin, you’ll need to buy an OTT Voucher. You can buy a voucher in-store or online. Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SpotOnBets website and log in to your account
  2. From the dashboard, click on the option to deposit into your account
  3. Choose the option to make a deposit using an OTT Voucher
  4. Enter the unique 12-digit voucher PIN
  5. Confirm your deposit
  6. Your funds will be immediately available in your SpotOnBets account

Frequently Asked Questions

The odds at SpotOnBets are very competitive. Rather than the more typical R1, the minimum bet here is R2. While the minimum stake is higher, the maximum payoff is a whopping R1,000,000, so it’s well worth it.

Yes, SpotOnBets offers very generous welcome bonuses which are offered when you register for a betting account and make a deposit into your SpotOnBets account.

SpotOnBets is a relatively new betting platform that was launched in South Africa in 2020.

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