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How to save money for a wedding

We all know that getting married is expensive, so why do we think we can cheat the system? However, savvy wedding hacks can help you save money while still giving you the wedding of your dreams. 

After you factor in the cost of the venue, the clothing, the food, drink, and entertainment, your wedding day is likely to be an investment. You can save costs if you’re prepared to be open-minded and experimental, but even if you don’t want to abandon convention entirely, there are ways to have your dream wedding for (a little) less.

To help you get started on your dream day, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best ways to save money for a wedding.

7 Tricks to Save for a Wedding

1. Outline all the expenses ahead of time

Outline the essentials for your wedding. Include everything, including the venue, wedding clothes, food, cake, car, photographer, and flowers. This will provide you with a clear view of your entire cost and impact how you organise your savings.

2. Set up a dedicated savings account

Open a savings or investment account exclusively for your wedding now that you know how much you’ll need to save. Banks provide a variety of cash savings and investment accounts appropriate for saving for a special occasion.

3. Go DIY where possible

Make it enjoyable by doing it yourself. Make your own invitations and, if possible, buy or make venue decorations.  You can save money by having a family member or friend bake the wedding cake. There are numerous websites that may provide you with amazing DIY wedding ideas.

4. Choose your wedding date early

The most expensive part of your wedding will normally be the venue, which will be much costlier if it falls on a Friday or Saturday. Consider having your wedding on a weekday or on a Sunday to save up to 50% on venue rental.

5. Compare suppliers

When determining which vendors to utilise, don’t just go with the first one you come across. Take the time to investigate, obtain estimates from multiple companies providing the same service, and select based on your budget. Simply taking some effort to obtain quotations from various providers may result in savings.

After your lovely wedding, don’t forget to start saving for the next significant milestone in your life, such as a house, expanding your family, or even a vacation.

6. Consider an off-peak season wedding date

Did you know that choosing a date that is less likely to be chosen by many people can save you a lot of money? Because of the great bright weather, the peak wedding season is often from September to April. This is the most expensive time of year to plan a wedding.

All that remains is to explore the concept of supply and demand. Off-peak season is ideal for a wedding because demand is low and prices are lower, leaving you with a smaller expense for a wedding venue, cuisine, and even attire. Wedding vendors are more available and in need of business during this season, which saves you money.

7. Limit the guestlist 

When considering who to invite to your special day, be very selective about who should actually be there. Wedding guest lists may quickly go out of control, so before inviting your coworker or next-door neighbour, consider the budget and if their presence is truly necessary. Remember, this is a day to celebrate you and your spouse, not a community gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a Marriage Officer come to your home or location, or you can go to the Marriage Officer. Home Affairs is the cheapest place to getmarried. They are willing to do it for free. However, there is no wiggle room in terms of when.

Many venues have lower pricing for weekday weddings, which can help you save money overall. The cheapest months to be married are often January, February, or late October through November.

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