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Tips for Throwing a Birthday Party on a Budget

To get more “likes” on social media, birthday parties have evolved into photo opportunities worthy of being featured on Instagram. 

It’s easy to feel that there’s no way to pull off a birthday bash on a tight budget without throwing the world’s lamest party. But fear not; we’ve got the best tricks to help you organise a cheap party without skimping on the good times.


7  Tips for Hosting a Birthday Party on a Budget

1. Don’t throw a huge birthday party if you don’t have to

You may want to take advantage of the fact that your child is too young to realise the significance of birthday celebrations when they’re still small

Having a huge party with 30 guests is not necessary to celebrate your child’s first birthday. Why stress yourself out before your little cutie can even communicate by throwing a birthday party every year?

2. Go for fun low-cost activities

Pay attention to the timeless appeal of musical chairs, hot potato, and silly string fights as birthday party activities. Such games have been suitable for birthday celebrations for decades; why are we abandoning them now? 

Invite everyone you know, set up some games, and be ready to reward the victorious guests with fun and silly prizes.

3. Get party supplies from R10 stores

If you’re trying to save money on a birthday celebration, the R10 store might be your best option. The R10 store has everything you need without breaking the bank, from cooking tools and table linens to party favours and goody bags.

4. Bake your own cake

If you’re not skilled in the kitchen, just pick up a box mix and some icing from the supermarket.

It’s no secret that baking a cake from scratch at home can be a major nuisance. The actual process of baking the cake can occasionally depress any birthday enthusiasm. Store-bought, generic cakes are perfect for such an occasion.

Don’t lose your cool if your youngster requests a special cake. You can save money by buying a generic cake from the grocery store and decorating it with your child’s favourite character instead of a personalised cake.

5. Have the party at home

There is no shame in hosting a birthday celebration in your own home rather than paying for a public venue. Seriously. That’s the way to have a birthday bash if you’re strapped for cash.  Having a party in your own backyard or at a park is much more cost-effective than shelling out thousands of rands to rent a themed space.

6. Pick an affordable theme

Choosing a theme and seeing it come to life is half the fun of hosting a birthday bash. Remember that your child’s desire for a superhero theme is not a mandate that you run out and spend a fortune on merchandise.

Choose (or help your child choose) a birthday party theme that can be executed with supplies you currently have on hand.

7. Go for a small and personal guest list

Keep the list of kids invited to under 10. Keep in mind that the cost of food and cake may be affected by the presence of their parents too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have a rough idea of how much you can spend on each person while still sticking to your yearly spending plan, you can start filling out your gift tracker. You can now budget a predetermined amount each month to use towards birthday-related purchases.

Start by deciding how much money you can realistically allocate to the party. Next, allocate funds to various aspects of planning the event, such as the location, food, decorations, entertainment, etc.

  • Keep your guest list small
  • Make your own invitations
  • Pick a theme you already have decorations for
  • Have the party at home
  • Bake your own cake
  • Get supplies at the R10 store
  • Go for low-cost activities
  • Set up your budget
  • Choose a theme
  • Select your guests
  • Send invitations
  • Make your food at home
  • Plan fun and affordable activities

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