How to top up your Blu Voucher betting account from home


How to top up your Blu Voucher betting account from home


When you use the mobile app or website of one of the participating partner service providers, you can use Blu Voucher, which is a handy and secure prepaid digital cash voucher, to make payments, deposit funds into, and top up accounts that are stored with a range of online partners.

There are a variety of popular betting platforms that operate as redemption partners of Blu Voucher. Here, we show you how to top up your betting account from home using Blu Voucher.


How to top up your betting account with Blu Voucher: step-by-step

  1. Purchase a Blu Voucher from any of the participating retail outlets located throughout South Africa.
  2. Once you have made your purchase, you will be issued with a voucher slip that displays a unique 16-digit voucher PIN.
  3. Head online, and visit the official website of your favourite online betting platform that operates as a redemption partner of Blu Voucher.
  4. Click to the accounts section of the online betting website or mobile app, and insert the 16-digit PIN found on the voucher.
  5. The payment will reflect in full in the online betting account and will be instantly credited on redemption.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1.     At which betting sites can I use BluVoucher?

BluVoucher can be used at the following online betting sites:

  • World Sports Betting
  • Betting World
  • Afribet
  • Lottostar
  • Hollywoodbets
  • Betway
  • Gbets
  • PlayBet
  • Supabets
  • Playabets
  • TicTac Sports Betting
  • Marshalls World of Sport
  • Score Bet
  • PureBet
  • SunBet


2.     How do I redeem my Blu Voucher at a betting site?

Once you have purchased your Blu Voucher at a participating retail outlet, go to the betting site, log into your account, and deposit the voucher equivalent into your account using the unique 16-digit voucher PIN.


3.     Where can I purchase a Blu Voucher?

Blu Voucher can be purchased at a range of popular retail outlets across South Africa.


4.     How does Blu Voucher work?

Using Blu Voucher, you can make payments, deposit funds, and top up your account online.  Once a 16-digit pin has been entered online, the voucher’s entire value can be paid for instantly, and no bank card is required for this transaction.


5.     Is it safe to use Blu Voucher to top up my online betting account?

Yes, it is fully secure to use Blu Voucher to top up your online betting account.

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