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How to Use the Capitec App to Buy OTT Voucher

OTT Voucher is easily available at more than 150,000 retail outlets across South Africa… But if you’re on the move, running low on time, or unable to travel, we got you. Buy your OTT Voucher directly through the Capitec app!

More than 3 million South Africans already use OTT Voucher as a safe and convenient way to transact online with their cash. When you buy an OTT Voucher, the value of your purchase is converted into a digital payment voucher that can be used to shop online, lay buy, invest, game, and much more.

In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to buy an OTT Voucher using the Capitec app.

The benefits of buying OTT using the Capitec app: what you should know

When purchasing an OTT Voucher on the Capitec app, customers can take advantage of several great benefits:

  • Your OTT Voucher’s PIN will be sent to you instantly
  • The value of an OTT Voucher purchased using the Capitec app can be used at any of the 120+ participating online shops without worrying about losing your voucher PIN
  • Buying an OTT Voucher from Capitec is affordable because it eliminates the need for travelling or waiting in queues to make your purchase – and the transaction fee costs just R1!

How to buy an OTT Voucher on the Capitec app: step-by-step

It’s easy to buy an OTT Voucher using the Capitec app. Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Capitec app
  2. Tap Transact
  3. Tap “Buy vouchers”
  4. Choose OTT Voucher
  5. Select “From account”
  6. Choose a voucher amount
  7. Tap buy now
  8. The OTT Voucher PIN will be displayed on the confirmation screen on your Capitec app. It will also be stored under the “History” tab on the app.


Capitec clients can also dial *120*3279# to buy an OTT Voucher. Here’s how:

  1. Dial *120*3279#
  2. Choose Buy
  3. Choose Vouchers
  4. Accept the terms and conditions
  5. Choose Online
  6. Reply with a voucher option
  7. Choose a voucher amount
  8. Select ‘From’ account
  9. Enter your Mobile Banking PIN to confirm


Note: You will receive the 12-digit OTT Voucher PIN by SMS.

How to get the Capitec app

Search for “Capitec Bank” in your device’s app store to get the Capitec banking app. The app is easy to use and includes the following functions:

  • Open a Capitec account with a selfie: download the app, take a couple of selfies and enter your ID number. You don’t even need to visit a Capitec branch
  • Personalise your home screen to ensure everything is fast and accessible. You can set up shortcuts for quick, one-tap access
  • You can scan to pay all the major QR codes
  • Other Capitec clients can instantly pay money into your account with Pay Me using your personalised QR code
  • Use the app to activate a virtual card for all of your app, online and QR purchases
  • Track your spending to manage your budget

How OTT Voucher works

OTT 4 Me offers a cash voucher payment method that you can use to spend your money online. When you purchase an OTT Voucher on the Capitec app, your voucher PIN is sent to you directly on the app.    

Using this PIN, you can deposit online into any partner merchant’s online account.     

Some surprising ways that you can use your OTT Voucher

OTT Voucher is a great way to shop online, lay buy, invest and enjoy the world of online gaming. But there are more ways to use OTT Voucher when you purchase yours on the Capitec app.

Recharge your calling apps

Make voice calls using no data to any country worldwide, and top up your online call account using an OTT Voucher.

Pay for healthcare

You can pay your premiums using an OTT Voucher. Payments are as simple as purchasing an OTT Voucher on the Capitec app and entering the 12-digit PIN sent to you.

Insure your business

One of the most crucial things you can do to safeguard your company’s hard work is to invest in business insurance which can be paid for using OTT Voucher.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the Capitec app directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery.

When you buy an OTT Voucher using the Capitec app, your OTT Voucher’s PIN will be sent to you instantly, and you won’t even have to leave home to purchase.

After purchasing your OTT Voucher using the Capitec app, you can lay buy online, invest, insure, make calls, pay, play, and shop online.

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