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5 Tips to Help You Lower Your Cellphone Bill

It’s common knowledge that the cost of cellular phone service is exorbitant. It might be the most expensive item in your budget after rent, food, and utilities.

But are there legitimate ways to reduce your monthly cell phone costs? There are too many cell phone companies and plans to keep track of so deciding on the most budget-friendly option could be overwhelming. 

But, you’ll be glad to know that there are ways to cut costs.

Tired of spending a fortune each month on your cell phone bill? Try any of these 5 tips to lower your cellphone bill.

Buy your phone for cash

The mobile industry has figured out how to mint massive sums of cash. Contracts are one method they use to achieve this goal. If you want to buy a phone from them, expect to sign a two- or even three-year contract in order to enjoy their service. If you want to switch providers, you will be charged with an outrageous termination fee.

Cellphone contracts are crazy expensive (and often these fees are hiked regularly). A more cost-effective way is to buy your cellphone with cash. Using a pay-as-you-go plan will also help you keep track of your monthly spending and budget accordingly. While you might not be able to get your hands on the latest and greatest smartphone, you can still purchase a high-quality device without having to sign a costly contract.

But saving cash is hard, especially if you don’t have a bank account. With LAYAWAY, you can open a cash savings account even if you don’t belong to a bank. Once you’ve opened your account online, you can make a regular deposit using cash with an OTT Voucher.

Opt for data-free services

Ah, data – there’s never enough to go around. You loaded that gig yesterday, and today it’s gone. Data is expensive – in fact, South Africa has some of the most expensive data in the world. What if you could send messages for free, to anyone, anywhere?

With MoyaApp, you can do just that. MoyaApp provides data-free messaging services, as they derive most of their profits from advertisements. The platform is easy to use, and you can send messages to anyone in the world – for free!

Win free credit with Second Chance

Second Chance is an amazing platform. Here, OTT Voucher users can re-enter their used voucher PINS into a wide variety of promotions, and win unbelievable prizes. 

One of these great promotions includes free credit on the Talk360 app. With Talk360, you can place calls to anyone, anywhere in the world – without an internet connection! Out on safari and need to call your mom – use Talk360! Stranded in the middle of nowhere with no reception – use Talk360! Is WiFi giving you trouble thanks to load-shedding? Use Talk360!

So, head to your nearest spaza, tuckshop, or retailer that carries OTT and buy your voucher with cash. Use your voucher to deposit your favourite online partnering OTT merchant. Then, use the same PIN to enter the Talk360 competition on the Second Chance platform, and free credit could be all yours.

Avoid a phone payment plan

This is among the simplest methods to reduce your monthly cell phone expense. Don’t add the cost of a new phone to your monthly wireless service plan. Paying for a new phone (which is technically a loan) will only increase your monthly phone cost further. 

Suppose you’re interested in purchasing an iPhone. We’re all aware of how pricey that thing is. Your cell phone service provider is selling this to you for the low, low price of R3000 per month for two years. That adds an extra R300 to your phone bill per year for two years! Surely you could put R300 more towards your financial goals.

And what if it breaks or you misplace it? You’d have to get a new phone. However, the outstanding sum from your previous phone must be paid in full. Oh, my, that’s a real downer. In the long run, buying a phone outright will save you a tonne of money.

Stop paying for items you don’t use

Check your monthly cellphone statement. Even though it may seem obvious, many consumers still don’t review their cell phone bill item by item. If you’re paying for excessive minutes, limitless data, or roadside assistance without using them, stop.

Think about whether or not all of your monthly expenses are truly necessary. If you answered “no,” you may want to reconsider your strategy. You could save money by switching to a plan with fewer minutes if you rarely use your phone for conversations. Find a plan with less data if you never even come close to using that much.

Prepaid plans and pay-as-you-go options are available from some service providers. Examine both of these possibilities to see whether either can help you save money.


Additional costs are added to your monthly payment by several phone companies. Fees for late payments, early cancellation, and service restoration are all examples. Some phone companies pack bills full of extra charges, such as “monthly” or “service” fees, to maximise income.

You continue to pay your monthly fees for your talk, text, and data plan, but your monthly bill no longer includes a device payment charge. Any monthly promotional credits you are receiving will be terminated.

If you have the money, need your phone unlocked, want to transfer carriers, or can save money on interest, you should pay off your phone early. However, you should not pay early if it means forfeiting your remaining bill credits from an instalment plan.

Many apps will quietly run in the background, draining your battery and consuming a lot of mobile data. Consider removing these programmes regularly, or (on Android) employ some sophisticated features in Developer Mode to limit background processes.

This is entirely dependent on your financial situation, but most cell phone finance options are a viable alternative as long as you avoid incurring debt on a regular basis. In any case, financing will save you little (if any) money.

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