How to top up your 1ForYou betting account from home

How to top up your 1ForYou betting account from home

1ForYou is a safe and convenient means of topping up your online accounts across a variety of different service providers using a digital cash voucher payment system.

1ForYou vouchers are available from a range of popular participating retail outlets, as well as online, and your betting account can then be safely topped up from home using the steps outlined below.


Steps on how to top up your 1ForYou betting account from home

  1. Purchase your 1ForYou voucher from a participating retail outlet, through the official website, or using the 1ForYou app.
  2. When purchasing a voucher through a retail outlet, you will be given a voucher slip with a unique PIN code.
  3. When purchasing a voucher online or through the app, you will be sent the unique voucher PIN via SMS or email, or you will receive it directly through the app.
  4. Navigate to your favourite online betting platform.
  5. Log in to your account.
  6. In the Members Area, select the option to fund your account.
  7. Select the option to fund your account using 1ForYou.
  8. Provide your unique voucher PIN.
  9. Your account will be funded instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.     How do I use a 1ForYou Voucher?

1ForYou Voucher provides a secure means for South Africans to participate in the digital economy by purchasing a digital cash voucher for a cash equivalent and using it to top up your online betting account.

2.     Where can I buy a 1ForYou Voucher?

1ForYou Vouchers can be purchased through any of the participating retail outlets, directly through the 1ForYou website, or by using the 1ForYou mobile app.


3.     Which betting platforms accept 1ForYou Voucher?

The following betting platforms are official partners of 1ForYou:

  • National Lottery
  • Bettabets
  • Betway
  • Goldrush online
  • Hollywoodbets
  • Sportpesa
  • Spotonbets
  • Tab
  • Gbets
  • YesPlay
  • Supabets
  • Sportingbets
  • World Sports betting
  • Lottostar
  • Palace Bets
  • Purebets
  • TicTac sports betting
  • FirstBet
  • GG Gaming
  • Vegasbet
  • And more


4.     How do I top up my betting account using a 1ForYou Voucher?

Once you have purchased your 1ForYou voucher, navigate to your favourite partnering sports betting site, log in to your account, and fund your account using your unique voucher PIN.


5.     Is it safe to use a 1ForYou Voucher?

Yes, 1ForYou makes use of cutting-edge technology to ensure that every sale, payment, and redemption is safe and secure.


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