iKhokha and OTT Shake Hands to Help Business Owners and Customers Alike

By combining their strengths, iKhokha and OTT are offering South Africans greater financial independence than ever before.
iKhokha, recognised as one of South Africa’s most promising fintech companies, has established itself as a leader in the industry by continuously developing cutting-edge financial technology solutions tailored to the diverse needs of businesses.

How to Use OTT Voucher on Vegas Bets

How to use OTT voucher on Vegas Bets

How to Use OTT Voucher on Vegas Bets Millions of unbanked and underbankedSouth Africans can now shop online thanks to the OTT 4 Me digital cash voucher. OTT Voucher can be purchased at over 150,000 locations across the country, including your neighbourhood spaza, tuck shop, or convenience store. Caltex, BP,Boxer, Makro, and Game are just […]