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5 Things You Can Use Your OTT Voucher For

OTT Voucher is already being used by more than 2 million South Africans to access a variety of online products and services using cash. 

OTT 4 Me offers a simple, secure and accessible way to take your cash online. All you need to do is purchase a digital cash voucher from your nearest store, and use it to make instant online deposits and top-up accounts. 

OTT Vouchers are easy to find, as they are already available at over 150, 000 retail stores across South Africa. You can ask for OTT by name at your nearest spaza, favourite tuckshop, local convenience store, or from well-known brands like Caltex, Game and Makro. 

But what exactly can you do with an OTT Voucher? The answer may surprise you. Read on to learn about 5 great things you can use your OTT Voucher for. 

Pay bills online with Xash

If you want to pay your bills online but don’t have a bank account, XashPay is a fantastic new option. With XashPay, you can pay your bills easily and conveniently using WhatsApp. 

XashPay and OTT Voucher make it possible for anybody, from stay-at-home moms to successful enterprises, to buy and sell a wide variety of products and services.

XashPay is a unified platform for purchasing and topping up mobile data and airtime, as well as paying utility bills.

At XashPay, you can pay your bills via WhatsApp. Many African countries and some South Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, now have access to XashPay’s Reloadly, a platform that allows them to buy and sell airtime and pay bills online using the WhatsApp app.

XashPay eliminates the need to visit an ATM or go through the inconvenience of online banking. WhatsApp now supports instant and secure online payments.

Read our complete guide on how to pay bills online with Xash.


Get lay buys online with LAYAWAY™

It is now possible to shop online with LAYAWAY and OTT Voucher without having a bank account, and to save up for future purchases safely and conveniently.

Shop from hundreds of products on LAYAWAY, put them on lay buy, and use OTT Vouchers to pay for your order.

To help you save up for life’s most memorable occasions, LAYAWAY also offers convenient payment plans. Whether you’re saving for a wedding or a trip, the LAYAWAY savings programmes make it easy to put your cash away for the things you need most.

You can deposit on LAYAWAY any amount that suits your budget with OTT Voucher. There is no interest charged, and there are no dues or minimum payments to worry about. The best part is that if you cancel, there will be no fees.

This means that you can get all your favourite products without breaking the bank by using LAYAWAY™, and then have them delivered right to your home when you’ve paid for the order in full using an OTT Voucher. 

Read our guide on how to use OTT Voucher to Lay Buy with Layaway.


Invest with EASYInvest

Using a digital cash voucher from OTT 4 Me and the EASYInvest platform, anyone can begin the investment process with no prior experience or a big bank account.

The EASYInvest platform makes it easy to put your money to work and secure your financial future.

Through its unit trust, which is managed by Momentum, EASYInvest gives investors a lot of choices in how they invest their money. 

A unit trust allows you to pool your money with that of thousands of other people who share your goals in order to make meaningful investments in flourishing businesses.

Previously, only South Africans who maintained a large minimum balance in their accounts could take advantage of the investment world. Now, all you need to do is sign up on the EASYInvest platform, select your unit trust, and make your investment using an OTT Voucher. 

Read our guide on how to invest online with EASYinvest and OTT Voucher.


Bet and game online while protecting your privacy

OTT Voucher is popular with millions of bettors who prefer to bet online with cash. OTT Voucher is accepted as a valid deposit method by a variety of popular online bookies, including Hollywoodbets, Betway, Lottostar and more. 

When you deposit into your online betting account using an OTT Voucher, your deposit remains completely anonymous since there is no digital footprint. This is true whether you use an OTT Voucher bought online or in-store. 

With OTT 4 Me, bettors can enjoy access to all their favourite betting action with complete security and privacy. 


Win prizes on the Second Chance platform

OTT 4 Me gives you a second chance at making more from your money. The Second Chance platform offers an exciting selection of promotions, prizes and giveaways for OTT voucher users. 

Once you’ve made a deposit using your OTT Voucher into any partnering merchant account, simply visit the Second Chance platform and enter your used voucher PIN into the competition you prefer. 


How to buy an OTT Voucher

OTT Voucher is easy to get and easy to use. 

All you need to do is go to your nearest spaza, community tuck shop, or family store and ask for OTT by name. OTT 4 Me is also carried by well-known brands like Game and Makro.

Pay for your OTT Voucher with cash, and the till operator will hand you a till slip with a unique 12-digit PIN. You can use this PIN to deposit the value of your voucher into any online account with a partnering OTT merchant. 

You can also buy OTT Voucher online through the official OTT 4 Me website. Simply click on the “Buy” section of the site, choose the amount you would like to buy, and pay using your bank card. Your unique 12-digit PIN will be sent to you via email or SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use OTT Vouchers to pay bills on the Xash platform. Here you can pay utility bills and buy airtime via WhatsApp, and make your deposit using OTT Voucher.

Yes, OTT Vouchers can be used for online shopping on the LAYAWAY platform. You can browse hundreds of products, put them on lay buy, and pay off your order using an OTT Voucher.

Unbanked South Africans can invest in promising stocks using OTT Voucher and the EASYInvest platform. Your investment is pooled in a unit trust overseen by Momentum, and you can add to your investment even if you don’t have a bank account by using OTT Voucher.

Millions of South African bettors use OTT Voucher to make deposits into their online betting accounts. This way, they can access online betting using cash, and they don’t need a bank account. Many bettors also prefer to use OTT Voucher because their deposits remain completely private.

Yes, you can enter your used OTT Voucher PIN into a variety of competitions and promotions on the Second Chance platform.

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