Where to buy Betway vouchers


Where to buy Betway vouchers


Betway is a leading online sports betting and gaming platform that is extremely popular due to its reputable and diverse range of betting and gaming options.

Betway has partnered with OTT Voucher to provide an easy and secure means of topping up your betting account, making it convenient and affordable for individuals throughout South Africa to access the exciting world of online betting and participate in the games they love most.


Where to buy an OTT Voucher for Betway

Using an OTT Voucher to top up one’s Betway account is one of the most convenient methods for South African bettors to use. OTT Voucher is available for purchase at more than 96,000 retail locations that sell airtime around the country.

Some of the popular retail outlets that sell OTT Voucher include:

  • Boxer Super Stores
  • GloCell
  • Caltex
  • Game
  • Builders Warehouse
  • Makro
  • Cambridge Foods
  • PAV Telecoms
  • Rhino Cash & Carry

All you need to do is go to your nearest participating retailer and purchase an OTT Voucher for the cash equivalent you wish to use in your Betway account. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Once your voucher has been purchased, simply use the unique voucher pin code to top up your Betway account safely and conveniently.

Added to this, you can also purchase an OTT Voucher for your Betway account directly online through the official OTT Voucher website. This is a fully secure purchasing process, with payments supported by Ozow and CallPay.

You can purchase an online voucher for an amount between R10.00 to R3,000.00, or you can buy a digital cash voucher for an amount of your choosing. Once the payment has been successfully concluded, your unique voucher code will be sent via SMS to the cell phone number provided.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.     What is Betway?

Betway has established itself as the most popular online and mobile sports betting platform in Africa, with over a million customers.

The brand itself is already widely recognised as a quality-driven provider of sports betting services worldwide, delivering simple-to-use technology to sports betting enthusiasts who are passionate about their sport.


2.     Why is Betway popular?

Betway provides sports betting enthusiasts in South Africa with a new, dynamic, and user-friendly platform through which they can wager on a variety of the most popular local and international sporting events.

The variety of betting markets and sports available at Betway has been carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive range of possibilities for sports betting enthusiasts to navigate and enjoy.


3.     Is it safe to use an OTT Voucher to fund my Betway account?

Yes, using an OTT Voucher to fund your Betway account is entirely safe and secure. OTT Voucher is a nationally recognised digital cash voucher payment provider with over 96,000 participating retail outlets and a secure online payment portal facility supported by Ozow and CallPay.


4.     Can I buy a Betway voucher online?

Yes, a Betway voucher can be purchased online directly through the OTT Voucher website. Simply select the amount you would like to purchase, and on confirmation of your successful payment, your unique voucher pin will be SMSed directly to your phone.


5.     Who can participate on Betway?

Participants on Betway must be 18 years or older and should have successfully completed the Betway registration process.

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